Supervision installation 1x DW900 Story City. USA
Supervision installa...
Supervision transport and cranes for installation 7x V90 Afrikahaven
Supervision transpor...
Supervision dismantling Zephyros 2MW Rotterdam
Supervision dismantl...

Supervision gearbox replacement V66 Taiwan
Supervision gearbox ...
Supervision dismantling NM92 2.75MW
Supervision dismantl...


Transformer inspections V66 V80 V90 Windtubines by nightfall Blade inspection V80 Inside the gearbox

HSS pinion Inspection main bearings V80 This can happen by no inspections!!!!!!!!! Inspection at Tacke TW600

Gearbox inspection TW600 Axial play measurements on gearbox Pieces of iron founded in the gearbox after inspection Main bearing inspection at Nordex N80 machine

Videoscopie at main bearing N80 Opening the main bearing for inspection N80 Videoscopie inside N80 main bearing Main bearing inspection at Nordex N50 800kW

Gearbox inspection on 18x NW55 1000kW machines Grease analysis from main bearings on various turbines Cracks found in torque arms on Vestas V66 Worn out chain from oscillation system V66/V80

Dust on transformers can occur corona Boat for offshore inspections Gearbox inspection at Siemens 3.6MW Gearbox inspection at SWP 3.6MW

Nice picture. V80's above the fog Vibration measurements on all type of windturbine's Vestas V90 Videoscopie picture main bearing N80

Inside planet bearing Break out IMS bearing gearbox Large break out IMS bearing gearbox Inspections 12x V66

DeWind 2MW Moventas gearbox inspection DeWind 2MW gearbox inspection Inspection 6x Bonus 600kW mk1 Damage on V27 blades

Vibration measurements on DW900 Inspection on WindWorld in Germany Another gearbox inspection Siemens 3.6MW Large break out inside main bearing NM52/900

Missing vortex on stall blades Inspection 3x DanWind 250kW at Nordstrand Germany Inspections at Nordstrand Germany Blade inspection on GE 1.5

GE 1.5 blade inspection by use of rope acces GE 1.5 Blade inspections on GE 1.5 Inspection on 7x V52

Wales UK Nortank 37/500 inspection End of warranty inspections 8x Siemens 1.3MW Gearbox inspections at 9x V90 3.0MW V25 inspection in Estonia

V25 Estonia Inspections on 36x V52/850 in Sicilia 36x V52 Sicilia (Etna) To many debris on V66 gearbox magnet

Sicilia 36x V52 inspections Gearbox inspection at Bonus 600kW mk4 Main bearing grease analyse Many iron pieces from main bearing grease

Offshore inspections 60x Vestas V80 Offshore inspections 60x V80 Boat landing offshore OHVS (offshore high voltage station)

Broken tooth IMS V80 gearbox V27 inspection Poland Enercon E30 inspection Germany Capasitor inspection by use of infrared camera

Gearbox inspection by use of infrared camera Main bearing videoscopie N80 Grey staining on planet wheel Corrosion on ring gear gearbox

Pitting on LS wheel